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A peek behind the scenes…

Have you ever wondered what happens in the REAL WORLD of independent filmmaking? 

Indie filmmaking in the REAL WORLD looks into the production of independent motion pictures –  

Not big budget Hollywood films, but films that are made for the LOVE of filmmaking.  

Kevin DiBacco – with his thirty years in the business – gives you a tour of what really happens on a film set when you have to constantly solve problems without throwing money at them.  

This is a fascinating look at behind the scenes in the independent filmmaking process. 

Books by Kevin B. DiBacco

Indie Filmmaking in the Real World

A fascinating look at behind the scenes in the independent filmmaking process

Release date: May 2022.

Artist Sales Kit

Empowering artists to sell their own work.

Release date: July 2022.


Training without the gym, rehabilitation and returning to form after a break.

Release date: September 2022.

About the Author

Kevin DiBacco is an Independent, worldwide, distributed filmmaker who, for the past 12 years of his 35-year film career has specialized in creating complex, creative, Non-Hollywood feature films on a low budget. Starting at a young age Kevin began his filmmaking journey by borrowing his father’s Super 8mm camera and making films around his neighborhood.

Kevin started in the film and Video production business in the late 70’s and has progressed with the development of equipment from motion picture film to the HD digital equipment we use today. He has worked for major Record Labels, Broadcasters, as well as many others around the world including ABC, Discovery, MTV and NBC. He has hundreds of broadcast television commercials, Dozens of music videos and documentaries as well as worldwide released feature films that are sold in over 180 countries. Now he can add to his resume professional author, after selling his first manuscript, “The Real-World Guide to Digital Filmmaking”.

Kevin has five motion pictures in worldwide release. Each Motion Picture Produced, Directed and Edited by Kevin himself. After thirty years in the film and video production writing on his experiences has been a new passion of his.

Currently Kevin is working on various motion picture projects with his agent and management company. He is also preparing to take his wealth of knowledge on the road to teach filmmaking seminars and workshops. He is constantly stretching his creative abilities while still taking time to teach young and old filmmakers better techniques and shortcuts to making low budget films look like they cost much more to produce. His workshops have been an enormous success around the country and he will continue to help others learn the filmmaking craft as well as helping artists acquire sales and marketing skills to sell their own work. As the saying goes “there is no substitute for experience”, Kevin uses his experience to help other achieve their artistic goals.

I’ve never seen anyone like Kevin get knocked down so many times only to get back up. Not just in filmmaking, but in life. There is no such thing as ‘quit,’ in his vocabulary.”

Timothy B. Francis

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