Creative Healing

Have you ever struggled to heal from a life event?

Are you naturally creative, but feel like circumstances have held you back?

My blog is all about helping others find their creative voice and cope under pressure. These are strange times we live in. The creative industries can offer an outlet for personal expression.

From a perspective of various disciplines within the arts – film, music, visual art, writing; and as a publisher, I can offer tips and ideas to bring out the creativity in you.

Are you dealing with trauma?

Using personal experience and extensive reading, I hope to guide others on their healing journey. Through wellbeing practices such as Reiki, Yoga and Ayurveda.

Featured Post

Staying single: Six benefits of going within to heal from trauma and stress

Andrea Bibby – Mother, former teacher , now publisher and writer living in Shetland. MA, BEd (Hons), Reiki Master – Author of ‘The Art of Starting Again.’ Music Artist – URBAN VIKING WOMAN, Children’s author, songwriter, designer. Owner of Andrea Bibby LTD – Inspirational books, Urban Viking Kids – YouTube Channel. Using the principles of Reiki and working for the highest good with positive intentions, Andrea has created her business for inspiration

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