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Andrea Bibby

Publisher, Author, Songwriter, Artist


Andrea holds a Master’s in Music and the Environment from the University of the Highlands and Islands. She is passionate about publishing inspiring books, and is a creative contributor to all projects.

She currently teaches Art at Sandwick JHS in Shetland. She writes music and poetry as Blind Orb, and studies Fine Art at Shetland campus of UHI. Andrea also writes books for children.

Originally from Warrington, England, she lived in Australia where she was a teacher and artist manager. Andrea graduated from the University of Chester in 1998 and started off as a primary school teacher in Warrington before emigrating. She is now based in Shetland. She loves writing, yoga, and alternative therapies.

Andrea Bibby
Self help, inspiration, children’s books

Blind Orb
Music Artist
Lounge, chill-out, downtempo

Andrea Bibby
Panting, graphic design, multimedia

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Andrea is available for workshops and online tuition.

Contact andreabibby@hotmail.com


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